School of Energy and Power Engineering

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School of Energy and Power Engineering


Professor Chen Jian (vice dean, presiding)

Student Enrollment:

PhD and Postgraduate candidates: over 130 candidates;

Undergraduate: around 2,200;

Number of Faculty:

Faculty: 89; of which one is an academician of the Academy of Engineering in China, 14 professors, 25 associate professors and 30 are with doctors degree.

Among them, one is a candidate for Hundred Talents Program of the Hunan Provincial Talents Project, one Hunan Scholar, one Hunan Provincial Excellent Middle-aged and Young Expert, one with Special Allowances by the State Council, two Hunan Provincial Renowned Teachers.

Undergraduate Programs:

Heat Energy and Dynamics Engineering; (Heating process) Automation; Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering; Wind Energy and Power Engineering; Hydropower Station Power Engineering; Nuclear Plant Power Engineering;

Master Programs:

Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and air Conditioning engineering; Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics; Power Engineering; Project Management;

PhD Programs:

Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and air Conditioning engineering

Teaching and Research Awards:

Ever since the eleventh five-year plan period, it has completed more than 150 national, local and enterprise-commissioned research projects, winning over 10 awards at provincial and ministerial level for scientific research and teaching, 30-plus state-authorized invention and utility model patents. Meanwhile, it has also published over 20 monographs and textbooks as well as 1000 academic papers.

The School has established cooperation in industry-education-research with more than 10 scientific and research institutes as well as enterprises, such as Hunan Branch of Datang Group, Hunan Electric Power Company, Changsha Boiler Plant Co., Ltd., Hong Long Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Taitong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Hongyuan High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. Extensive cooperation has been conducted in a wide range of areas, such as low-quality coal / gas combustion technology, utilization of residual biomass, solar thermal power research development and utilization, energy conservation and emissions reduction, which has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, making significant contributions to the development of the power industry in China.


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