School of Physics and Electronic Engineering

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School of Physics and Electronic Engineering


Professor Tang Lijun

Student Enrollment:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate: around 1,100

Number of Faculty:

95, of which

Professor: 13

Associate Professor: 35

PhD.: 42

Postgraduate Tutor: 32

Undergraduate Programs:

Physics; Electronic Science and Technology; Electronic Information Science and Technology; Inorganic Non-metallic Material Engineering; Optical Information Science;

Master Programs:

Electronic Science and Technology; Electronic Circuit and System; Microelectronics and Solid Electronics; Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology; Materials Science; Condensed Matter Physics;

PhD Programs:


Teaching and Research Awards:

It boasts of seven research institutes, such as Materials Science and Engineering Institute; Friction and Anti-attrition Materials Institute; Photoelectron Institute; Surface Physics and Interface Physics Institute and Nano Structure and Nano Materials Institute.

The School has undertaken over 39 national research programs and over 80 provincial research programs, with a total grant of over RMB 37 million yuan. Teachers have published over 500 academic papers, with over 300 published in high level journals, such as Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review A-DJournal of Chemical PhysicsJournal of Geophysical Research AtmospheresCarbonJournal Power SourceActa Materialia and Nanotechnology.

Teachers in this school have won one first prize, one second prize of Hunan Natural Science Award; two first prizes and five second prizes for Hunan Scientific and Technological Advancement Award.




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