Everything you need to know about Roku streaming player

Without limits or restraints, Roku streaming devices offer endless entertainment to its users. With Roku, one can stream leading channels and media platforms such as Netflix, CBS, Hulu, FOX and a lot more. So, if you are on a lookout for a streaming player, get a device from the Roku portfolio. Integrating with high-end streaming technology, it is a boon to own a Roku player for entertainment purposes.Roku has a variety of models from which you choose the one that suits your needs and the setup of the various devices is more or less the same.

Roku portfolio

From the time of its inception, Roku has many generations of devices like the Roku HD and Roku HD-XR. Roku has rolled out different models in its lineup. Check the list below before your purchase:

Roku 1, 2, 3 and 4

The latest released device is the Roku 4 model. Premiere and Premiere Plus: Rolled out in 2016, these devices are capable of streaming video with high resolution. The remote controller is very crucial in drawing the difference between these two models. The Roku Premiere features infrared remote, while users can hide the device by using the RF signal-integrated Premiere Plus

Roku Express and Express Plus

These two models integrate all the modern characteristics for easy and smooth streaming. Yet, the Roku Express Plus features additional advantages than the Roku Express and can also be used with the older television models. Roku Ultra – Get set to stream 4K and HDR movies and TV shows and also avail the maximum features in comparison with the other Roku models.

Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus

They are one of the best portable streaming devices available in the Roku brand. Designed with the latest modern features, the setup process is unique when compared to other devices. Integrated with a simple interface, a marvelous response time, multiple entertaining applications and Wi-Fi antenna, the Streaming Stick Plus delivers picture-perfect quality irrespective of the TV model

Setup Procedure

The most significant step for Roku account activation streaming channels is the Roku account setup. Abide by the below guidelines, given step by step, to carry out the process in a smooth manner

  • First, use a strong and high-speed HDMI cable to link your Roku streaming player with your TV. Then, if the Roku device features an Ethernet port, connect the Roku streaming player with the routerIt is quite necessary to sort out and choose the right . Roku select input after which you will have to link your Roku player to the power connector by plugging the power adaptor to the electricity outlet
  • Ensure you seat the batteries in the respective slots in the Roku remote controller. After doing all this, conclude the setup on a successful note by switching on the TV and Roku device and finding the Roku symbol on the display screen. Make sure you choose the language you are familiar with so that you could understand the onscreen prompts. Tap on the Ok option after selecting your comfortable language as it is important to get the activation code, add channels that you like and remove the ones that you do not prefer

You can use the Ethernet port in the streaming player and insert the Ethernet cable in case you go for wired connection. Select the mode of connection as “wired” and suppose you do not find any option, click “Scan again to see all networks”. If you want a wireless connection, navigate to Home -> Settings -> Network -> Set up Connection -> Wired or Wireless.

Wireless connection

  • Extract the best out of your Roku by executing the Roku wireless connection process.In the wireless network, the potency of the signal plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of the network. As already stated, make sure you use a strong and high-speed internet connection
  • If you are facing any router problems and want to stream videos without any obstacles, you will have to place the router where there are no physical hitches or jams
  • Check out for the internet plans and also minimize the use of other multiple devices if they are connected to the same network to experience a top-notch streaming. Choose the Wireless network name and furnish the valid password. In case you still face hassles, restart the router or Roku and try again

Update Roku Software

  • Once you complete the wireless setup, the device will look out for a software update.
  • Roku will search for the availability of a new software update every 24 to 36 hours
  • This update process will be done automatically and hence you do not have to do it manually.
  • To check if your Roku has the new software running on it, you could use your remote
  • Navigate to the Home option and under the Settings Menu, tap on the System option.
  • Click on the System update for downloading and installing the latest software version

Roku account creation

Creating a Roku account has various uses – with this, you could add your favorite channels as per your choice and delete the channels that do not wish to stream. Using the account, you could control your streaming device by administering the settings and making a note of the channels that you add and subscribe to and also the preferences.

  • All you have to do is to tap on Create Account option present in the official Roku website. Give in your valid information such as name, email id and a safe and secure password for creating the Roku account
  • Finally, you will have to select Continue after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions that you see on the screen. Roku will them prompt for payment details which will be used during the time of channel subscriptions from the Roku channel hub
  • It is quite safe and secure to furnish the credit card and PayPal details, so without much worry give in the details. There is an option to secure your account by generating a Roku PIN for which you will have to sign in to your account. Choose your preferences under the Preference option, click Update, tap on Verify PIN after giving a four-digit PIN number and Save the changes

Roku activation code

  • Once you complete setting up the Roku account, you will have to connect the streaming player with the Roku account to enable activation
  • Get the Roku activation code that you can see on the TV display screen when you turn on the TV and connect the streaming player to the internet
  • Then, enter the code and tap on Submit button
  • If you do not use the code in a stipulated time period, the activation code will expire
  • Do not panic if your code expires
  • You can always get a new one by pressing the Star button on your Roku remote
  • Once you complete this process, you can visit the Roku channel store to add the channels that you wish to stream

Mobile application

Navigate to the Google Play Store to download and install the app. This will enable you to start handling Roku from the tips of your hands. For this, you will have to ensure you connect the Roku player and your mobile to the same network connection. In case you are a Apple user, then download and install the app from iStore and enjoy streaming

Roku remote

Roku features two kinds of remotes namely, the Standard IR remote and enhanced remote. If you are using the Standard IR remote, then ensure you directly point at the Roku streaming player. Also, make sure there are no obstacles between the remote and the streaming device when the signals are passing by. For Enhanced direct pointing towards the player is not necessary, as you will pair the remote with the device.


During or after account activation, you may come across a few issues with your Roku players. Worry not, just remain calm and look at the error codes on the display screen. All you have to do is to find out what the particular error code means and troubleshoot accordingly. Just make sure your Roku is connected properly to the power vent and also with a good internet connection.