How to Setup and Activate your Roku TV

The Roku TV is truly fantastic with a resolution support of up to 1080p Full HD and an enhanced “point-anywhere” remote control. If you have decided to purchase a Activate Roku TV, and if you need assistance with how to setup and activate Roku TV, then connect with our online support team and guidance center and we will be happy to help! The Roku setup is a pretty fast and simple process.

Here’s how to setup and activate Roku TV for streaming!

  • Commence the process by choosing a language. When the TV powers on, language option is the first activity.
  • Connect the TV to the internet. Once connected, it is advisable to download the latest Roku software
  • Reboot the device for a smooth experience
  • The updated software will also enable you to have a good streaming quality
  • Create a Roku account for activating the in-built Roku. The Roku account is your personalized account to manage your channels, your media devices, and your activity!
  • Once the Roku account is created and the TV is connected, it’s time to start streaming!

You will have to activate your Roku, by linking the code to your Roku account. The activation link is pasted on your Roku TV, which enables the authentication of your Roku account.

Creating an account for your Roku is simple. All you have to do is register with your Name and Email id and add a payment method as a part of your account creation process. The payment method is linked to your Roku account, which enables you to get subscriptions to popular channels for either renting or buying movies and TV shows.

We provide personalized guidance on how to setup and activate Roku TV.  For more information on setup process, reach out to us +1 855 739 5780 and our team is available for guidance 24*7 at

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