How To Do Cast Roku

This article lets you learn how you can cast Roku.  Casting gets you to share photos and your favorite videos on to the Big screen TV. You can always reach out to us for getting guidance on Screen Mirroring. We have come up with an informative article on how to cast to Roku, to let you make better use of your Roku device. When you display the mirror or perhaps the screen of your Android or Windows device wirelessly onto your TV screen which clearly shows the web pages, photos, videos, it is connected to the Roku device. activate your to stream many Roku channels

We provide excellent technical guidance to help you tide over the little issues or doubts that you may face while you cast to Roku device.  If you are unable to actually connect your device to the big screen, reach out to us for assistance.

If you want to use the facility of Screen Mirroring, ensure that both the Roku streaming device and the smartphone are connected to the same wireless network.

Did you know if Screen Mirroring is supported on iOS software? It is not supported on Google devices which is not running OS 6.0 or later as well as on iOS software! If you just want to display the videos, photos, and music which is stored on your smart phone to your TV, the Roku Mobile App can be of good help.

Getting the Screen Mirroring function on your Roku device

Your mobile phone has to support the mirror screening, for you to enable the feature in your mobile phone. Choose this option from the system menu which lists the screen mirroring option. If this screen mirroring option you look forward to using, is not listed, it just means that then this feature cannot be enjoyed.

Do this to Enable the Screen Mirroring on your Android device

If your mobile phone version is running on android version 4.2, you can be sure that your phone does support Screen Mirroring.

This is how you Enable this feature Screen Mirroring on your Windows 10 device

Go to the action center, and select the project. You can connect to a wireless display and then follow the onscreen instructions on your Roku device.

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