Get Roku Registration Code

Bought your new Roku and wondering how to get Roku Registration code for your device? All you have to do is register your device with an existing Amazon account or if you don’t already have one, it is simple enough to create a new account with just your e-mail ID or mobile number. This activation is a mandatory process as your device should be updated with the latest software and features for your Roku.

When you are performing the Roku activation for the first time, you will be asked to enter your Amazon account information. As an additional verification, you will be asked to enter the Roku registration code. However, if your purchase was from the Amazon website directly, then you might not have any issues in registering this device. But if you have a doubt that your device is not connected to your account, then you may follow the below steps to check it.

  • From the Roku home page menu, choose Settings a My Account.
  • If previously unregistered, then select the Register option and enter your account details.
  • If already registered, then check if your account details are displayed.
  • Else choose the Deregister option and re-register your device with the desired Amazon account.

For all these, you may be asked to enter a Roku registration code. If you need any help with activating your device, call our customer care executives on our toll-free number +1 855 739 5780 and they will provide all the assistance that you need.

Similarly, when you want to access certain channels on your Roku, you may be prompted to enter the Roku activation code. If you are planning to watch a show or movie on a subscription channel, say for example Netflix, then you will have to register your device in the Netflix website with an account or directly on your Roku. You will be prompted to enter a Netflix Roku Registration Code to activate your Netflix account. Enjoy the latest shows and your favorite movies without the overhead of visiting a movie screen.

Activating a new device is far simpler than reviving an old one. If you have an old Roku player lying somewhere in your house, its time you get it dusted for you may be watching the most recent shows which you might miss otherwise. We have a few tricks to do this re-activation. In order to do this, just register your device once again with an Amazon account. This time around, try using another e-mail address so that it doesn’t ask you for a long forgotten password. If all else fails, then we are here as a backup plan. Call us +1 855 739 5780 or go to our website at and get your old or new devices activated in no time.

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