How does Roku works?

Unless you have been living under a rock for quite some time, you must have surely heard about “Roku”. Rest assured, let’s take a dive and get some facts right. Newbies, read this article to understand about Roku and get more information on how does Roku works!  Stay tuned for more updates on how does Roku works in this space.

To put it simply in layman’s terms, Roku is a media player which streams entertainment content!

From internet? Yes, and makes you watch it on TV, just by being a connecting device for streaming.

Sounds simple? Yes, it is! It is one of the best streaming players, owing to brilliant performance and features. Before you decide how to get one for your streaming needs, let’s understand how a Roku actually works.

Once your Roku media device is connected to your TV and obviously to the Roku account (, this streaming player lets you watch Movies, TV shows, Music Videos, News, Sports and practically every entertainment genre on the planet. You can stream both free and paid video content, based on your choice.

These channels you choose to stream are in the form of APPS. That’s right. These apps should be downloaded from the Roku Channel Store .

What does this Channel Store do for you?

The Roku Channel store is just like your Google Play store or iOS Apple store. You will have to download these apps into your smartphone or TV, and just ensure that they are added to your Roku account. Well, aren’t you now excited to stream what’s available now on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube and more?

If you are a feature fanatic, there are loads of exciting features to keep you hooked to Roku. Features like private listening, mobile app viewing, Roku feed preferences and much more are all the reasons why this brand is trending on a global scale. For more updates on these Roku features, stay tuned to this space.

Just purchased a Roku device? Unbox it, and get it connected to the TV set. Internet connection is must, for downloading and updating the latest software updates. A Roku account which is your personal entertainment account will have to be created for downloading and storing channels. You can pick any of the channels for viewing through your Roku streaming device.

The channels downloaded are actually stored on your device too! Just by clicking on the channel app, the player streams the channel content onto your Big screen TV!

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