How to Connect Roku Streaming Stick to WiFi Without Remote

Find the simple steps to connect Roku streaming stick to WiFi without remote. All you need to have is a Router which can provide you excellent signal quality. Here are some of the quick and easy guidelines to follow for connecting the Roku streaming stick to WiFi without using the remote:

  • Turn on your TV and the Roku remote and start connecting them to the correct HDMI port
  • Go to Roku HOME screen and start choosing settings> Network > Wireless or WiFi Network
  • A wireless network list appears on the screen.
  • Choose the correct name from the list

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  • Place your Roku streaming stick or device close to the TV for good signal strength
  • Type in the correct username and password, wireless network name (it is SSID) and network passwords (either WEP or WPA)

Note: Enter the password with care since the passwords are case sensitive.

  • Proceed with the onscreen prompts to complete the wireless setup
  • Look for the green check mark on the screen.
  • This indicates the successful connection of your Roku streaming device (
  • For issues with connecting the Roku streaming device to the wireless network:
    • Check your wireless network settings and make sure it is correct

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  • Ensure secure Ethernet cable connection for a wired setup. For this, use a good quality HDMI cable
  • Go to the Roku Homescreen >Settings > Network >Wireless WiFi> Check the wireless network connection

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