Introducing Roku Streaming Stick

For a sleek and portable streaming experience, introducing Roku streaming stick, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy movies on the go. Consumers with a HDMI port can now choose the Roku streaming stick for viewing their favorite channels.

This device is sleek and fits into the wall mounted TV perfectly. It has the complete package of the Roku entertainments within, that is you can watch all the 1200+ channels, movies TV episodes, concerts, sports, kids’ shows, and more with the introducing Roku streaming stick (

On opening the Roku Streaming stick package you will find the following accessories within the box

  • The device is very simple and sleek
  • The stick is in matt black color.
  • A Roku TV Remote included with the device
  • USB power cable

Introducing Roku Streaming Stick Specifications and Features:

  • More processing power than any streaming device available.
  • It features a Quad core processor
  • The Introducing Roku streaming stick has an 802.11/a/b/g/n dual-band antenna.
  • It can stream audio in the Roku app installed on any mobile device if connected to the same network.
  • No lag on sound quality while streaming the audio on the mobile device.


  • With a quad-core processor, the Roku streaming stick has a lightning speed
  • The Streaming stick boosts up in roughly 25 seconds after a power failure.
  • The apps get loaded very quickly.
  • It can take voice search, keyboard text entry and also manage favorites and feed in the Roku app.

How to setup a Roku streaming stick


  • A TV with an HDMI port.
  • The Roku streaming device.
  • A USB cable (included with the Streaming device package)
  • Roku remote (included with the streaming device package) and two AA batteries.

Introducing Roku Streaming Stick setup process

Step 1: connect the Roku streaming device to the HDMI port of your TV. Make sure you insert the device properly without bending it.

  • Make note of the Label for the HDMI port on the TV

Step 2: Connect the USB cable given along with the streaming device, with the small end to the port on the Streaming stick, the other end to the wall mount power adapter or to a USB port on your TV.

  • Note: Not all TV provide the required power to the USB port. So in case, you have a doubt use the wall adapter.

Step 3: Put batteries into your Roku remote. Two AA batteries have to be inserted by removing the back cover of the remote. Place the batteries in the slot provided and close the back cover.

Step 4: Select the correct HDMI input. You should see the Roku logo after connecting to the correct HMDI port.

  • In case you did not get the Roku logo check if you have chosen the correct HDMI input or the power to the Streaming device is not sufficient. Connect it to the wall adapter.

Step 5: Pair your Roku remote. After booting your Roku device you will be prompted to pair your Roku remote.

  • Remove the battery cover and press the “pair” button for 3 seconds.

Step 6: select your language.

Step 7: Start your Roku Set up. You will have to connect it to your home network using the Wi-Fi.

Step 8: Install updates and Link your Roku stick with your Roku account by giving your Roku id and password.

  • In case you don’t have a Roku account, check “how to create Roku account” for step by step instructions on creating a new Roku account.

Step 10: once your Roku account is linked, you can start streaming your favorite movies.

Introducing Roku streaming stick is a major advantage for people who want to watch their favorite movies and shows on the go. For more information call our toll-free at +1 855 739 5780 or visit us at

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