How to Jailbreak Roku?

Do you want to know how to jailbreak Roku? We have a short article about how you could possibly do this. Getting Kodi on the Roku platform is easy, as long as you follow these instructions listed in this article. For more information, call our helpline.

There are some prior requirements for the same:

  • Check if you have the mirror feature.
  • An Android phone or a windows PC is required.

For getting to jailbreak Roku, you can install the Kodi on the device and still get it played through to the Android device. Check these steps to get the Kodi on our Roku.

  • On the device look for the home button and click on it
  • Check the settings menu, and find the system update.
  • This step is necessary to get the latest updated software ( for your Roku streaming device.

Note: Check if you are using a minimum least version of 5.2 software.

  • Update the Roku software from the download center.
  • Once updating is done, check the settings
  • From this menu list, you should select the Screen Mirroring
  • If you want to install the Kodi on Roku streaming devices, you are required to enable this screen mirroring.
  • Post this stage, click on the OK button for getting the Kodi on Roku.

If you find any difficulty with the jailbreak Roku then we recommend using the next set of steps. You can follow the second set of steps, which is by far the easiest method of jailbreaking RokuEnsure, you have a Windows 8.1 or higher version before you follow this method:

  • Click on the start-up menu to open.
  • From the settings menu, navigate to the search box.
  • Choose the option that says Add Device.
  • Choose the Roku device and select the mark next to it.
  • Check if the screen of your Roku device turns into purple.
  • This signifies, how your PC shall mirror with Roku.

Kodi is also compatible with the Windows operating system version, hence running Kodi on your PC shall display it on the Roku device as well. Alternatively, just call us at +1-855-739-5780 and we will help you with jailbreak Roku. For more information, you can also visit us at

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