Review Roku 4 Features

The Roku 4 is a brilliant 4K ultra HD media streamer and is the best all-round streamers in the market. The Roku 4 features new advanced processing for higher resolution and smooth streaming.

There is a Roku 4’s voice search that helps you explore the media using the title or actor. The “lost remote finder” is one of the key Roku 4 features that help you find the remote you have misplaced.

Some Roku 4 Features:

  • Remote has a private head phone jack for private listening
  • The OS7 is the latest operating system in Roku 4.
  • The operating system has a feature called my feed which helps you notice when your favourite movie or TV show is available or streaming.
  • Quad-core processor gives very fast response time compared to many other streaming devices

Out of box:

  • The top has a matt black finish and the sides are glossy box with an embossed 4 in the middle.
  • It is lot slimmer than the Roku 3
  • Mounted on the top side you will find the only button in the shape of a miniature Roku remote. This activates the key feature “the lost remote finder”.

Ports on the device:

  • On the side you have a USB port.
  • At the back you have the HDMI, micro SD card slot, optical digital audio and Ethernet Roku 4 offers the best slot selection of ports than any streamer available.

Roku 4 remote key features:

  • As mentioned earlier it has a headphone jack for private listening.
  • With Wi-Fi direct feature offers you to use the remote from anywhere and does not require line of sight to use it.
  • The return button in the previous remote has been replaced by the glass button that opens the voice search dialog box.
  • Netflix and Amazon can be launched on a single touch using the remote.


  • Works with any TV with HDMI compatibility.
  • Ideally designed for 4K Ultra HD TV and HD TVs.

How to set up Roku 4:

  • Connect to your home network using a wireless Ethernet cable.
  • You can also connect to the box’s 802.11ac MIMI Wi-Fi-
  • Finish the process with the received code from
  • After registration Roku will auto-detect if you have an Ultra HD 4k TV and stream accordingly.
  • You can also set the resolution manually.


Fastest streaming with no buffering is the one of the Roku 4 features. It is very similar to Roku 3 but the speed of streaming is more in Roku 4.

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