A language selection shall be essential as you will need to understand the Roku Account Activation steps instructions on screen.

Choose a language which you are comfortable with for Roku Account Activation steps.

For activation, you will have to connect the device to internet from the list of available networks. Keep the network credentials ready. Choose the network and sign in with your password. After correct input, select sign in option.

It is mandatory that once the device is connected to internet for the first time, it will automatically download the update available. Ensure that this download happens, as updated software presents smooth viewing experience.

Create an individual Roku account like a compilation of all your preferences which will help Roku to present customized channels in their feed. This account has to be activated and to be followed Roku Account Activation steps, by linking to your device.

The activation process is completed through linking the player to the TV. When the TV is connected, a special code is flashed. This code will have to be copied on the browser, which ultimately links the TV to your device. The Roku account also keeps tracks of all the devices you use for streaming.

Channel addition is done from the Channel store and the Roku Account Activation steps to be kept in mind. You may select Roku channels based on your favorite actors or movies or genre. The added Roku channels are stored in your Roku account.

Channel store is very similar to installing apps from the Apple store. You will find these Roku channels as apps, which might be a combination of both free and paid versions. Whether you are looking for Movies, TV shows or Music playlists, news, sports, weather, education, shopping, religion, travel, education or shopping, Channel store has it all under its roof.

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