Are You Facing Roku Activation Code not Working Issue ?

If you are searching for articles on Roku activation code not working, read this space further to understand how to troubleshoot this issue. Remember our online guidance support, in case you are held up with any glitches during the process. We look forward to serving you.

Roku link code is the activation link which is essentially authenticated for using your Roku device. Only when the activation is completed, the Roku account ( is activated, and you will be able to stream all your favorite movies, music, and TV shows.

If you are facing the Roku activation code not working error you can opt for getting a new code. The activation code may not work if the code has expired. If the code is not used for a long time and there is a huge time interval after generation, the device cannot be authenticated. The activation link code is usually displayed when the TV is powered on, once it is connected to the TV.

  • Log into your account for viewing the same
  • Copy the displayed code and authenticate the account.
  • Once authenticated, the account will be successfully linked to your TV set.

For the Roku activation code not working issue, generate a new code again by switching off the TV. The serial number will not appear instantly, so it’s advisable to wait for few minutes for the link code to get updated. If it still doesn’t appear or if the link code is rejected, reach out to us to help you on this issue.

In case you have lost your code, get the device restarted which will also help the player to be refreshed. Once refreshed, the activation code gets updated automatically. If you choose to reset the Roku device, navigate to the settings and then choose the Factory Reset option.

In case you require guidance, for your Roku activation code not working problem, call our toll-free lines at +1 855 739 5780 or visit us at Our guidance site consists of qualified technicians who are very user-friendly and your queries shall be sorted in no time.

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