Roku Channels Free List

Roku is a one-stop destination of various channels from multiple genres including movies, sports, cartoon, music, TV shows, news and many more. The Roku channel store comprises of three categories of channels which include paid, private and free Roku channels. Follow the below list to stream some of the popular Roku free channels for 2019. To stream, these Roku channels free list continue to read further.

When your Roku Channel store contains the best channels for downloading, why do you worry? Check this article which is very useful for users to stream the paid and free channels to watch. You can get these free channels without any subscription plans. Check the Roku channels free list that should be added to your account to stream.

Pluto TV

In today’s date, Pluto TV on Roku is one of the amazing cord cutting services for the users. Although the Pluto TV supports commercials while running the programs, it comes under one of the top free channels in Roku store.

The Roku channel

Get access to unlimited blockbuster movies along with TV shows, sports highlights and live news with the Roku channel. Users do not have to create an account or subscribe to the channel for streaming it.


The channel gains the same recognition as Netflix. Besides, featuring parental controls for hiding adulterated contents, you can stream amazing movies and TV shows without any subscription charges.

PBS kids

The PBS kids channel is one of the most entertaining and educational channels for kids among all the cartoon channels. Indulge your kids with popular PBS kids shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Arthur, Ready Jet Go and many more.

Sky News

The Sky News is one of the popular free news channels available in the Roku channel hub. If you are a News lover, you can enjoy streaming the channel and get hold of unlimited local news, highlights and happenings.


Roku channels free list

Roku channels free list

Get Saveur

  1. Handy tips for cooking, and some of the best recipes from cuisines around the world.
  2. This channel streams great advice and cooking tips for users.

Bob Ross

  1. For the love of art, get this channel for free painting.
  2. Wonderful features through recent updates for painters.


  1. TED is one preferred channel across the globe for new ideas and information.
  2. It lets you choose your favorite genre and you could stream close to a million videos!
  3. Don’t miss this channel on your Roku player.


  1. This is one of the best channels to stream wholesome entertainment for the latest TV series and Hollywood blockbusters etc.
  2. Since this channel is free, it usually trends in the channel store.

Relax Time

  1. Relax time is a wonderful channel for meditation and relaxation.
  2. Tune into the channel (, look at the picturesque spots to reduce the stress levels by meditation.


  1. Don’t miss this excellent TV service for the entertainment of approximately 600 global channel partners.
  2. There are approximately ninety thousand on-demand titles found in the FilmOn.
  3. If you prefer OTA channels, add this to stream such great selection of movies and entertainment for users.

Like the apple store, the Roku channel store has amazing picks for streaming some of the best shows. We are looking at almost 3500 plus channels, so users need guidelines for activating channels. We hope you found our article useful on the Roku channels free list. Call us at our toll-free lines +1-855-739-5780 or visit us at for more updates.

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