– HDCP unauthorized error in Roku or High bandwidth digital content protection is used to remove and eliminate the errors associated with the contents that are streamed. More often users face issues like the occurrence of the Roku HDCP unauthorized error. You can look at troubleshooting options on

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HDCP standard prevents the duplication of original contents over an HDMI cable link. The error indicates that your TV or Audio/ Video Receiver does not support the contents that are streaming.

The above error can be overcome in many ways and indicates that there is a problem with the hardware. A purple screen appears with the emergence of the HDCP error. says unauthorized content

Power cycling your device

Power cycling your device is one of the quickest and easiest troubleshooting methods. All you have to do is restart your Roku device.

  • Try unplugging the device from the power cord for at least ten seconds and then plug in back
  • The Roku device takes some time to get rebooted
  • Check the hardware connections. Ensure that you are using an HDMI cable of good quality
  • Use an alternate HDMI port on your TV
  • Also, check the HDMI cable connector and make sure that no fault is associated with the cable
  • You can also reverse the end of the HDMI cable before connecting it
  • Connect your Roku player directly to your TV

If the error still persists, then contact our support team to resolve it

Once the above error is fixed you will be able to stream the contents on your Roku device. Some more tips that can help minimize the HDCP error are:

  • Using different display settings (Settings >Display type) on your Roku player.
  • If you are using a computer monitor, try using a TV to stream your contents so that the error can be decreased to a great extent

More information can also be obtained from the manufacturer. Generally, only the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku come across the ‘HDCP unauthorized error’. The guidelines for resolution of the problem are same for devices like Amazon Fire Stick and Netflix. Additionally, for Roku you can always look for options to troubleshoot the Rokuhdcp unauthorized error at

Stays tuned now and start streaming your contents without any errors.

You can go through the user manual and find some easy ways to overcome error.

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