Setting up the Roku streaming player – Roku Com Setup

roku com setup

For most Roku players the setup process essentially remains similar. Mentioned below are some of the basic steps that you can follow for the installation of Roku com setup on any player that you may own.

Connecting and linking the Roku player and the TV:

Roku players (Roku com setup) prefer any television model that has an HDMI connection. Use a high speed HDMI cable where available and a large speed HDMI if your TV supports 4K.

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Configuring your Roku player:

  • Use the HDMI cable to connect the player and the TV – you can use composite cables where applicable
  • Link the player to a high def input to stream 4K HDR content
  • If the Roku player contains an Ethernet port, then use the port on your router to connect
  • The power connecter and adapter have to be linked to the player as well as a wall outlet
  • Insert the batteries into the remote
  • Connect the TV and the Roku to the appropriate inputs – refer to the guide that is available with the box
  • The Roku logo is displayed on the TV screen

Note: In case you do not see the standard screens that you should when you have connected the Roku, call us for troubleshooting your problems.

  • Now, pick a language – all text from here on will be displayed in the language that you choose
  • Push the OK button after selection

 Connect your Roku player to the internet:

  • A set of available networks will be displayed on your screen to choose from – more often this is the same network that you use to connect your computer or smartphone
  • Set to scan for wireless networks once more if you cannot see your own network
  • Type your password in the space provided – to view the password as you type it, you just have to choose “Demonstrate Password”
  • Select “Connect” to let the player automatically link to the internet

Software updates and display type:

  • The latest software will be downloaded automatically
  • Wait for your Roku player to download the latest software program
  • Once linked to typically the internet, your Roku participant will check to notice in case a software update is usually available. If you have, it will certainly download the latest variation and then reboot.
  • The most effective display image will be evaluated and set by the Roku player ( To modify later you can always choose the “Display Type” under “Options”
  • Develop a Roku bank account and activate your Roku player

As a final step, you have to link your player to your Roku account to keep track of your devices and in the case that you wish to purchase any channel.

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