Roku Error Code 003

Roku error codes like the “Roku error code 003” occur when there is a problem with the version of the software, which you are using. Roku error code 003 is also known as the software error.

The latest streaming devices like the Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku streaming stick are designed to run with the latest software.

As soon as the Roku device is installed, it automatically starts updating the latest version of software. The download and Installation process begins automatically with a possibility to check for software updates manually if you so wish.

Even when you are using the player, constant software updates take place automatically whenever there is a new version available.

Before you start performing the software update for your Roku device, make sure that you have an active Internet connection. Place your Roku device and the router close to each other so that the wireless signal strength will not be affected.

If there is a problem with your Internet connection, your Roku device will not be able to update the software. On-screen error message will be received and the Roku error code 003, 002,001, and 005 will be visible at the bottom of the message

Here are some of the quick and easy ways you can resolve the Roku error codes (

If the error message continues, wait for a few seconds and before try a resolution again:-

  • Always check that you have an active Internet connection.
  • Ensure that the wireless network username and Password you have entered is correct. SSID is the name of the wireless network and the password can be either WPA or WEP
  • Place your Roku device and the Router close to each other so that the wireless signal strength will not be affected
  • Start restarting your Roku device. To perform the device restart go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM >SYSTEM RESTART
  • If you are using a Roku TV, go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM> POWER > SYSTEM RESTART
  • Try restarting your Router by following the instructions provided on the user manual guide or the vendor
  • Try using a standard Ethernet cable and your network connectivity can be improved. A Fast and reliable connection will be provided by your Ethernet cable
  • If you are connecting the device for the first time, follow the network set up process effectively and most of the error codes will be resolved

If you find the above guidelines to solve your Roku error code 003, 002, 001 and 005, call us on our toll-free lines 1-855-739-5780 and our network support team can assist you at

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