Commonly faced issues on Roku streaming player

By default, recent Roku streaming player models functions in a proper manner only when you have an updated software. If in case, your device has an outdated software, you will witness Roku error codes like error code 003, 002, 001 and 005. An older software version of the Roku player will lead to such kinds of errors. Also, check out below to know about this issue in detail and how to eliminate it without toiling much.

Roku Error Codes and its solutions

For effective and smooth streaming of your Roku media player, understand the Roku error codes and its solutions. Error messages on the Roku are displayed in form of codes.

Users can familiarize themselves with the codes to resolve most of the issues themselves, quickly and without any hesitation. For complex resolutions, you can reach out to our back-end support team ( for assistance.  The most common error codes include,

  • error code 001
  • The error code 003
  • error code 009
  • The error code 011
  • error code 014

We provide the best advice on all Roku error codes and its solutions. To elaborate, now let’s check out on the remedial solutions to these error codes.

Roku Error Codes

Roku error code 001

  • Go to the HOME SCREEN a FAST FORWARD button
  • Press the REWIND button twice
  • You will be prompted for a software update a select OK
  • After the update completes connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • If it does not work, reset the device

Roku error code 003

This code denotes a faulty internet connection. To resolve the issue,

  • Turn off the router and turn it back on after a few minutes
  • Check the router settings
  • Change the mode from 802.11 to 802.11 b/g


If we find out the deep cause of any issue, then it will be easy to find a solution for it and the solution for Roku error code 003 is updating the software. Here is how you can do it

  • Connect your Roku device on a wireless network and enter the credentials
  • Also ensure that you have a proper network signal or else you will hit upon other error codes indicating the poor connection
  • After that, restart your device by clicking the Settings option followed by System and finally tap the System restart button
  • The software update will take place by default if everything goes right or manually update the device software
  • Other annoying error codes in your Roku streaming player

Roku error code 009

  • This error will arise when your router is connected with your streaming player but Roku will not get the network signals properly
  • In such cases, you can just get try the below steps
  • Sometimes, these frustrating error codes might cause due to carelessness and it can be fixed by a proper reboot.
  • Plugging out the connectivity cables and inserting it again might do the trick in many cases
  • If none of the above steps work out, you can contact your Internet Service Provider and demand them a clear explanation for Roku error code 009 fix

Roku error code 011

  • From the Roku HOME SCREEN navigate to the SETTINGS menu
  • Select NETWORK from the available options
  • Setup the device once again
  • Select your network’s name and enter the corresponding password
  • Thus you will be able to establish a connection with the network
  • Else reboot the Roku device and try once again

Roku error code 014

  • This error does not occur by technical fault as it arises when the Roku users err.
  • Entering an incorrect password will result in the Roku error code 014.40 and you can resolve it by providing the correct credentials
  • Also ensure that you have selected the right network name.
  • If the Roku was connected to the router through a wired connection change it to a wireless connection and vice versa
  • Plug out all the wires and reinsert them
  • Restart the Roku player and all related devices
  • Check if you are able to start streaming
  • If not, repeat the process over again

Apart from understanding the Roku error codes and its solutions, you also need to have a few tips up your sleeve for the proper functioning of your device.

  • Spell the name of your wireless network correctly and avoid giving approximate spellings
  • Passwords are always case sensitive and have to be entered as is
  • Make sure that the internet connection and the router are in good working condition
  • If there is an issue with the internet connection, then get in touch with the Internet service provider
  • Place the Roku device as close as possible to the wireless router to get maximum signal strength
  • Restarting your devices will resolve many common issues

If you need any online support for troubleshooting Roku error codes and its solutions, call our Roku customer care through the toll-free number +1-855-739-5780 or visit us at

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