What you should know about the Roku Express Plus

There are streaming players penetrating very easily into the market, owing to the rapid demand from users. How do we segregate the good ones from the rest? Read this review of this Roku express plus, which will tell you the facts you need to know!

  • The Express Plus device comes with good selection of apps, wondrous interface and with an efficient search option.
  • If your TV port comes with the HDMI input, you will receive a good digital audio and video in a single cheap cable. If given a choice, always connect your AV gear through the HDMI.
  • If your TV doesn’t come with the HDMI inputs, you might consider moving up to a new HDTV, as the upgrade can help you with getting better Roku performance (Roku.com/link).
  • This player is small in size, and is loaded with all the top streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and YouTube. An adapter is required, to stream, if you are stuck with an analog video.
  • The difference between the RokuExpress and Roku Express plus lies in the little minijack port which comes on the back labeled AV.
  • When we take the performance aspects, the Roku streaming stick is faster than the Roku express and express plus.
  • When we take the standard-definition feature, the analog video connection of the Express plus was not doing better than the high-definition HDMI connection, with the exception of Netflix.
  • If you happen to own an older analog of any Roku version, the Roku Express plus is an awesome buy, just to experience the superior Netflix experience.
  • Compared to the elder Roku players, the Roku Express plus comes with the “private listening” feature via the Roku app.
  • This player is a wonderful buy, when compared to the elder Roku streaming players, as this can be used for TVs which lack the HDMI, with the help of an adapter.

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