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With the HALLMARK channel streaming live, most users don’t find it listed in the channel store while searching for add up of hallmark channel. If you are unable to add the channel through search option, you can add the channel through direct link download via add up of hallmark channel option.  HALLMARK app is available in Roku Channel Store. Once you log into the home screen you can find the Roku HALLMARK channel on your Roku player listed under the streaming channels. If you want to know more about the channel app, you can find the app information from the channel info page for add up of hallmark channel.

This is how you activate the tv.hallmark

  • Download the channel from the Roku channel store on your Roku player.
  • Open the Roku HALLMARK channel on your Roku player
  • Choose the option “Activate your Device” to get the activation code. Use the activation code in tv.hallmark roku.
  • Select the Roku player.
  • Choose your service provider and then enter the username and password for your service provider account. In case you have forgotten the username and password credentials, contact the service provider.
  • If your service provider does not list the HALLMARK channel, then it means that they do not support the HALLMARK channel in Roku.

A success message is displayed on TV and computer, which means that the activation process is completed. Once you have received the activation message, you can start streaming the channel! Make sure that the activation code is used within 15 minutes, post which the code expires. If you feel you require help on getting the activation code, you can contact us for instant help.


tv.hallmark channel.comactivate


This is how you deactivate the tv.hallmark

Follow these steps to deactivate the channel in your Roku player

  • Open HALLMARK channel on your Roku player.
  • Select the settings for deactivating the channel
  • Under the deactivate account option, deactivate the channel.

In case you have discarded the device and failed to deactivate the channel subscription, contact us to help you deactivate your subscription channels in HALLMARK.

This is how you add the tv.hallmark

  • Press the Home button to open the main screen.
  • Go to Streaming channels from the channel store. See the categories from the channel store to find your favourite episodes and movies from the various genres available in the Roku channel store.
  • If the channel is free, you can add the channel from the Roku channel store. However, if the channel is a paid version, you should buy the channel subscription in order to stream the channel.

In case, you have a PIN authorisation for downloading any channel, PIN always ensures and protects you from unauthorised purchases. So before downloading or subscribing to new channels, you need to give your PIN to authorise such a channel download. For more help reach out to us at  +1-855-739-5780 or

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