How To Resolve HDCP unauthorized content disabled

When you are looking at a loose HDMI Connector or a problematic HDMI Cable, you face a purple screen appearing on your TV showing a message HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled. Are you want to activate your then contact our support team for help.

This is how you can solve The HDCP unauthorized Content disabled issue by following these steps:

When you are trying to stream 4K Ultra HD content:

  • When you see the purple screen appear:
    • Review the instructions for setting up your Roku player for 4K
    • If you continue to see a purple screen Go to the next step
    • Unplug each end of the HDMI cable on both your Roku player and your TV or AVR
    • Unplug their respective power supplies and switch off your TV and your Roku player
    • Pushing them firmly, all the way in reconnect both ends of the HDMI cable
    • Power them on after reconnecting your TV and your Roku player to their power supplies
    • Try to view the video once again
  • Try these additional suggestions If the above did not resolve your issue:
    • Change the HDMI input on your TV and try a different one:
    • Just to make sure the cable you are currently using does not have any defects
    • If a different HDMI cable that is less than 6 feet is available try using it
    • Try connecting the Roku player directly to the TV if you are using an HDMI switch or AVR
    • If possible, you can also try another TV
    • Try using a TV, if possible again if you are using a computer monitor
    • On your Roku player try using different Display Settings
    • Go to Settings > Display type to find these settings
    • After setting up your Roku player if this is the first time you are seeing this HDCP purple screen:
    • Ensure that your TV and/or AVR supports HDCP
    • Contact your equipment manufacturer for more information

Ensure that you try a different HDMI cable if you continue to face problems. Simply swap the cable with a new one if you find that the cable you’re using is defective. Still, the HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled problem continues call us +1 855 739 5780 or visit us at

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