Recent Roku OS 8 Update

The recent Roku OS 8 updates are on a high. With new devices to be released by Roku, these are upgraded versions of the current product range. The entire product series have been given a tweak for improved performance, wireless reception, and other added enhanced features. Not just the devices, the Roku operating system is about to get new as well.

Before we head to the Roku streaming player line up which is explained in another blog, this is what we have on Roku’s new operating system version 8.0:

  • The new OS is brought in to revamp the Roku TV hardware, as the OS will now launch and power on the Roku TVs, just by using the voice commands.
  • Voice commands shall entitle the users to speak to the Roku TV! When a user says, “Get Netflix” while pressing the voice button on the remote, pretty soon, this voice command will work in juncture with the Roku TV, and the channel will be played.
  • Once the Roku OS 8 comes in, you can switch the input sources through the voice, and also use the single sign-on process with approximately 30 TV providers.
  • The new OS also has the new “Smart Guide” which will be helpful for integrating the streaming content alongside with the addition to linear TV programming ( into one single interface.
  • By having the smart guide in place, you can check out if a particular show on demand is for purchasing or for rent.
  • The new 8.0 version is about to get rolling out to streaming players from the months of November to all the Roku TVs.

The Roku OS 8 is actually a free update. By November 2017, the OS will be prevalent on all the Roku boxes, Roku sticks, and Roku’s TCL TV. However, take note, that the elder generation streaming players will not be updated with the Roku OS 8.

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