Roku Private Channel List

Roku Private Channels, known as hidden channels are not displayed in the Roku channel store. The channels can also be added manually once you have completed the process.

Clickia, Back from the Grave, Donkey kong Remake, Toonami Aftermath TV, News wire, Super stalker, Euro Roku, Load Runner remake,  Syntrix Beta, Hero talkies, Maddy Mation, iTunes podcast, Roku movies and a few more.

 How to add Roku Private Channels

  • The first step is to go to the Roku website and then sign in to your account.
  • Click on the add channel option and your Roku private channels can be added manually.
  • Add channel option can be found under the manage account settings. Once you press the add channel option, you will be asked to enter the channel code.
  • Enter the respective channel code and then your Roku private channels will be automatically added.
  • Roku becomes the favorite Private channel and here are some of the lists of channels that are available.

Back from the grave

Top featured Roku private channel telecasts programs like Tales of tomorrow, suspense category, Horror flicks, twilight zone and the other psychological thrillers.

News wire

News wire, another top private channel is the famous Roku channel and has received an average rating of 2.7.Start watching the day to day news now from News wire.

ITunes podcast is the channel which is available now and you can enjoy your favorite tunes

If you enjoy watching some of the popular science fiction series, then popular science will be the best channel for you.

Stays tuned now and start watching your favorite channels.

Film on

Top and the best movies are now telecasted on the Film on. For movie lovers, the channel will be the best choice.

Syntrix BETA

The channel helps you to stream your favorite songs and videos online.  Listen to your favorite music now

Hero talkies

The channel is telecasted especially for the latest movies.

Roku private channels are in high demand now and all most all the viewers prefer watching these channels. Disney, Fantago, live TV now, crash, net, PBS nature, PBS, WebTV, Hulu, music man, Red box, just in TV, Angie’s List TV, Classic Westerns, Google maps, The onion news network, Crackle are the other popular channels now available on all the streaming devices.

Stay tuned now and to know more about the top and the best private channels, you can call us on our toll-free number +1 855 739 5780 or chat with our support team at and our network support is here to provide you better guidelines.

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