Steps To Overcome Roku Purple Screen Problem

The purple screen which appears on your Roku device signifies that your TV or movie receiver does not provide access to the contents that you are streaming. HDCP (HIGH BANDWIDTH DIGITAL CONTENT PROTECTION), the content protection technology is the standard which is required in the TV industries. The technology prevents the exploitation of video contents via an HDMI cable hyperlink. A purple screen will be displayed if you start playing the videos. Follow the given steps to overcome Roku purple screen problem.


Here are some of the basic and the simple guidelines you can follow to overcome the Roku purple screen problem.

  • The first step is to unplug your HDMI cable.
  • Switch off your Roku player and the Roku TV and then unplug the respective power cord.
  • You can today reconnect your HDMI cable and hook up it again
  • In case you have followed the above steps and the issue is not resolved, follow the additional steps below
  • Replace the HDMI cable you are using and start utilizing a new one. Always make sure the HDMI cables you use are of high quality and does not contain any defects.
  • Try employing a latest Roku device or perhaps Roku TV with better streaming quality. It is always better to replace the monitor along with your TV SET
  • Use different display options on your Roku. The display settings are available in Settings > Display.
  • Always make sure that your TV supports HDCP.
  • Use alternate HDMI port on your TV and check that the error is solved.
  • Roku purple screen fix tools can be obtained which assists you to resolve the error.
  • Check that will you could have installed the HDMI cable correctly. Loose HDMI cable, defective HDMI wire could also cause this problem.
  • Connect the Roku device directly to your TV and avoid using the HIGH DEF switch.
  • Contact your network provider if the issue cannot be resolved
  • Restart your Roku device

Restarting your Roku device is the better solution to overcome the error. Power off your Roku device, remove the power cables, HDMI Cables. If your Roku is not yet activated then contact us for activation.

If you still have any difficulty in troubleshooting the Roku purple screen problem using the above suggestions, contact us at our toll-free number 1-855-739-5780 or visit us at

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