Troubleshoot – Roku Remote not Working

Are you currently facing the “ Roku remote not working ” issue? Properly, let us first identify the type of remote that you have and then handle the troubleshooting part. There are two types of remotes, the typical IR remote and the Enhanced Point everywhere remote. IR remote tends to make utilization of the Infra-red technological innovation whereas the Enhanced point everywhere remote makes use of your current Wi-Fi to use the Roku device (

What direction to go if you have a standard IR remote?

  1. There ought to not be any burden in a direct way between the Roku remote control and the Roku device while operating.
  2. Also help to make sure that the Roku device is located inside such a way of which the front side confronts you.
  3. Check if the remote batteries are usually empty. Sometimes even around empty batteries may challenge to work properly. Substitute the batteries with a new set and observe if it is working fine.
  4. If typically the batteries are fresh types and your remote is usually still Roku remote not working, and then it is surely an issue with the batteries’ position. Reset the batteries and try out operating the device yet again.
  5. If all else fails, then the simplest option left for an individual is to replace the remote itself. Always acquire only original replacements plus do not go for cheaper options. Good points are not cheap plus cheap things are bad.
  6. As an option, you can also utilize your phone as a new remote to operate your current Roku devices.

What in order to do if you have got an Enhanced point everywhere remote?

  1. If you have an Enhanced remote control, then there will become a pairing button inside the battery compartment. More you have a common IR remote.
  2. Given that it depends on wireless technology, make an attempt restarting the particular Roku as well as the Roku remote before giving this another try.
  3. Couple the devices yet again by simply doing a reset on the device as well as the remote.
  4. Find out if the remote batteries are empty. At times even near empty battery packs may struggle to function properly. Replace the battery packs with a brand new set and notice if it is working fine.
  5. If the batteries are fresh ones along with your remote is continue to Roku remote not working, then it may be an issue together with the batteries’ position. Reset the batteries and try out operating the product once again.
  6. If all else neglects, then the only choice left for you is usually to replace the remote alone. Always purchase only original replacements and do not opt for cheaper options. Good points aren’t cheap and cheap everything is not good.
  7. As an alternative, you can even utilize your phone as a remote to operate your Roku devices.

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