Roku Setup – How to setup your Roku streaming player

roku setup

With the help of the Roku streaming device you can access a huge number of channels and a range of other apps on your TV. The information given below will allow you to know about roku setup and connect your Roku player to your television and the WiFi.

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Connecting to the TV:

  • Use the HDMI cable to plug one end to the relevant port on the Roku device and the other one into the HDMI port present on your TV
  • Some Roku devices allow you to connect with an Ethernet. In such a case, you can connect the Roku device to the router with the help of the Ethernet cable
  • Connect the power adapter into the Roku and a wall outlet
  • Place a new set of batteries into the player’s remote

If you are using a different model of the Roku, the setup instructions may slightly vary. Most of the information though, remains the same.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi:

  • Tune the TV to the correct HDMI input and switch the Roku device on
  • To set up a new Wi-Fi connection you have to:
    • Go to Settings and select Network
    • Look for Wireless (Wi-Fi) and select Setup new Wi-Fi connection
    • A list of wireless network names will appear on the TV screen
    • Choose the one that is relevant to you

In the event where you do not recognize any of the network names, scroll down to “Other Options” and select “Scan again to see all networks” – your preferred network should now be displayed

  • The next screen Wireless (Wi-Fi) appears and prompts you to enter the password for the network name selected by you
  • Click on Connect
  • At the Making the connection to… popup green check marks automatically appear against three options
    • … your wireless network
    • …your local network
    • …the internet
  • This indicates that the network connection is successful

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