Watch Google Play Roku With Your Device

Watch Google Play Roku with your device and stream all your favorite movies and TV series featuring the latest blockbusters. For Google Play, a PC or mobile needs to be used which is promptly connected to the internet. A payment method is required to be given during setup. However, this will be charged only if you order a movie or a show. Note that Google Play Movies & TV is available only in countries like Canada, Ireland, US, Germany, and UK.

You can reach out to us for help on Google play Roku, where our experts shall assist or guide you overcall.

This is how you setup Play Movies & TV on Roku

  • From your channel store, search for the Google Play Movies & TV app.
  • Get this channel added and then sign into the channel.
  • Enter the code ( shown on the Roku screen for activating the channel.
  • Check the default permissions.
  • Get the payment method added during your channel activation.

Some other details on how you can use the google play Roku

  • Sign into your Google account to purchase and view Play Movies & TV shows.
  • Payment methods like the PayPal and direct carrier billing are not yet supported on Roku.
  • Google PIN is not the same as the Roku PIN. For changing the Google PIN, you can reset it through the Google account. This PIN is used for all the products from Google.

If you want to change the account, the device needs to be registered again. If you want to change to a different account, follow these steps for Google play Roku:

  1. Get the Google Play Movie app on your Roku device
  2. Select the Settings and then sign in
  3. Sign in with the account login you want to use.

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