Steps To Setup Roku Account

If there’s a brand well known for its online guidance and support for users on global scale, it is Roku. Though many streaming players are available, you might need to consider the many options available in the market. Check out this informative article on how to setup Roku account, which we assume will be of importance to you, once you have purchased your Roku player.

Even before you get started, you might need to understand few elementary factors like what exactly is a Roku account and why is it necessary to create one during your Roku account setup.

A Roku account is your individual account that stores the channels you have installed for watching. It also stores information about the Roku streaming devices which you own and which you have connected along with your preferences and settings.

If you want to stream channels, you have to download and install the channels first on your Roku streaming device. This streaming player has to be connected to your Roku account. Through your Roku account, you can add or delete channels based on your streaming preferences.

This is how you setup Roku account

Creating a Roku account is simple. You will need to register with your Name and Email id for creating a Roku account. However, you will also need to add a payment method as a part of creating your Roku account setup. The payment method is linked to your Roku account which enables you to get subscriptions to popular channels for either renting or buying movies and TV shows.

  • When you create a Roku account, you should enter your credit card for easier channel and movie/TV show purchases
  • You’ll be charged only when you make purchases from Roku
  • You can also create a four-digit, parental control PIN, which will give you control over purchases and adding channels.
  • Adding payment method during Roku account setup does not bring any charges to your account. You will only be charged when you subscribe to channels, buy or rent movies or TV shows. Before subscribing to the channel your code should be linked to your Roku account.

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