Setup Roku for the First Time

How to setup your Roku process essentially involves the connection of the streaming device to the Roku TV to ensure high-quality picture resolution. Connecting the Roku device using the HDMI port is the most recommended how to setup Roku process.

Here are some of the quick and the easy guidelines you can follow to setup Roku

How to setup Roku

  • The initial step is to connect your Roku device to the Roku TV
  • Identify the correct port at the back of your streaming device All the latest models of Roku devices have inbuilt HDMI or connection ports for the purpose
  • The older models of Roku devices have composite A/v connections while the newer models of HDTVs do not always support the option
  • Try finding the exact port on the TV for connecting your Roku device and then insert it
  • Once the above step is completed, start connecting the streaming device to the active internet connection.
  • Always use a router, which can provide you with a good signal strength
  • Use a power cable to connect the device to the power outlet
  • Turn on your device, TV and then choose the correct output
  • A Roku logo will be visible
  • Start pairing your remote with the player
  • Once the above steps are completed, select the language which you want to be displayed
  • Now click on the Ok button and proceed with the rest of the setup procedure
  • For this, you must connect the streaming device to an active Internet connection

All the streaming devices require an active internet connection to stream the contents at a greater speed and quality.

How to setup your Roku to an active internet connection:

  • Choose the required network from the list which is displayed
  • If you prefer a wired connection, choose the Ethernet option
  • If you prefer a wireless connection, then choose Wireless as the option
  • The Roku device will restart once the required software is downloaded and installed
  • Your streaming player is now ready to use
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and your device will be automatically connected to the network.

The final step is linking the Roku device to the Roku account ( Click on the relevant activation link, fill the required information, and enter the activation code to complete the setup process.

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