Stream Roku Google Play Movies to Roku Announcement

You can stream Roku google play movies, and watch the latest movies and TV shows through the Roku device. Did you know that Google has announced to introduce its own range of streaming boxes?  The latest announcement from google which reveals the introduction of the 100 Nexus Player, is likely to hit the market by November. Now, this set-top box is actually going to run on the Android TV! This comes as a smart move from Google, as the oncoming years may witness Android TV as the default choice by many TV manufacturers. This is also a great platform for developers for app creation and testing and development of them in different Tv formats.

As far as the standalone set-top box is considered, the Roku ( comes across as the best choice in the streaming segment. With the unmatchable volume of content, it presents, and a simple user interface, Roku’s design is simply its own strength.

The google nexus’s streaming player is collaborated with ASUS, with a strong duplication of chrome cast’s functionality. This will allow users to stream content on their PC or laptops via the Google Chrome browser or through supported apps on their phones.

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The Nexus Player has chosen a traditional onscreen UI for users and remote-control functionality features which are easily available with peer brands. With Chromecast player, users tend to control desired output through the mobile device or laptop, which makes less of lean-back TV experience, if that’s all you are searching for. Nexus player brilliantly combines both the traditional set-top streamer with a very unique device facade.

You shall be assured to have great content and Google Play Movies & TV may not be the only reason why you might prefer the Nexus player! By getting the Google Play Movies & TV app onto the Roku channel store, it throws open the penetration strategy to more than 10 million Roku devices currently in use. However, note that the Google Play Movies & TV is only added, and not the Google Play Music app.

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