Find Top Handy Roku Tips For better Roku Experience

We have some handy Roku tips for you to stream content of your choice! With your Roku devices and streaming players, you can stream and watch the content of your choice. Roku has always tried to make the experience of streaming and watching the content personalized and cooler. It has done that as well. So, to make you experience with Roku devices smoother, cooler, and more personalized, we have come with some of the Roku hacks that will your binge watching much easier.

Keep up with your favorites

The default way of Roku showing the list of your Roku channel ( in the order in which you have added them to your device. You would rather want to see your channels in the sequence in which you watch them frequently. Go to home page, choose options menu at the upper right-hand corner of your screen with the help of asterisk key on your Roku remote. From here you can reorder the listing of channels in the way you want to see them.

Hidden Channels

You might be familiar with the fact that all the Roku channels are not listed in the Roku Channel Store. You can check the Roku guide for this and you will find out the new gems, old gems mean hidden channels of Roku that you can watch and enjoy. You just need to click on the link of the channel and then click on Add Channel. You must log in to your Roku account for adding the channels to your device.

Get your Game on

Besides watching the shows, music, videos, and movies on your Roku, you can also play the games on your Roku. You can play the classics like Pacman, Galaga, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and several other games that available for free.

Streaming as smooth as Butter

You can streamline your streaming on Roku by boosting the signals of your wi-fi. This can be done either by updating the firmware of your router or getting a more powerful antenna for your router. Even elevating your router can also solve the issue of weak signals.

What do you say? – Handy Roku Tips

You might have missed your favorite shows or some of its part. Now you can solve these issues by going to the relay caption mode of your Roku device. For this go to Settings > Captions mode > instant replay. When you will select the option of instant replay button, you will get a text on your screen when you will need it and then you can turn it off when you are done. Now you will not miss any of your favorite shows.

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