Troubleshooting Roku Problems

troubleshooting roku

Use the appropriate link to the Roku website to activate your product and stream more than 1000 free channels of your choice. For an improved streaming experience, Roku always recommends a broadband internet with a good bandwidth. During the Roku account activation process, there are various prompts that you may have to answer till you receive the Roku activation code. Visit the roku. com/link website and start creating your Roku account. The various points in Troubleshooting Roku Problems are explained here.

Simply type on your web browser to open the web page. Follow the speedy start guide for initializing your Roku device use the Roku link for your Roku account activation.

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Setting up the Roku device is fairly simple but some impediments seem inevitable. Here is one very common Roku setup problem that you can resolve easily:

You are not able to view the video from your Roku streaming player or Streaming Stick on to your TV

  • First, verify the Roku player’s connectivity: It should be directly connected to the TV
  • Disconnect any A/V receiver attached to the player – this should be connected directly to the TV as well

 Note: The above steps should resolve any AVR issues and create a better environment to troubleshoot any issues with the device

Common reasons why you cannot see any video on your TV

  • You have selected the wrong input on the TV – since there are several video inputs used for connecting many other devices, chances are you have just chosen the wrong one for the Roku player. Check the label of the input and try again
  • The video cable is either faulty or just not connected properly: Verify the connection by firmly pressing on the video cable at both ends – the Roku player and the HDMI
  • The TV is not working – Try a different TV input and verify if there is a connector problem. You may also have to connect the Roku to another TV set to check the device’s performance

It will be interesting to note that most of the troubleshooting for Roku devices revolves around:

  • Checking your internet connection – verify the presence of a good signal strength
  • Restarting a channel – closing and re-launching a channel
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling a channel – where you remove and add the channel again

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